Observing post-amputation effects in panther worms with the help of transgenesis

photo by Sarah Richter, courtesy of Pixabay

Imagine cutting your legs off, but rather than dying from blood loss, you regrew your legs anew.

While humans do not have these regenerative powers, many other organisms do! Limb-regrowing animals include salamanders, geckos, and starfish, just to name a few.

But, what if you didn’t just regenerate your legs…

Making it rain, literally.

photo by Joshua Reddekopp, courtesy of Unsplash

Cloud seeding is an innovative technique of artificially generating rain by sprinkling “seeds,” or crystals, into clouds.

The modern cloud seeding method was invented in the mid-1900s, owing to the work of self-taught chemist Vincent Schaefer. Schaefer’s original experiments relied on a traditional household freezer, where he could stick his…

Evolutionary theory versus inbreeding depression

photo by Braňo, courtesy of Unsplash

Royal families are the perfect case studies for human inbreeding. While people generally associate inbred family trees with European monarchies, inbreeding was quite common among other cultures as well.

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs are a case in point. It is believed that this concept of “keeping the bloodline pure” was first…

How a zookeeper “romances” a bird to save her species

the white-naped crane, photo (edited) by NickyPe, courtesy of Pixabay

With an estimated population of just five thousand birds, the white-naped crane is one of the most at-risk crane species. In the wild, fragmented colonies can be found throughout Japan and Korea, as well as parts of Mongolia, Siberia, and central China.

The population’s diminished numbers are primarily due to…

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